Hi, I’m Anatoly Verbitsky

Currently Principal Product Designer @ Alibaba group, AliExpress

Previously @ Yoomoney

ex. Yandex.Money

I create websites, and design apps ↓

I'm a designer with over ten years of experience. Because of my education in computer science, I can participate in discussions that cross between design and front-end. I mostly do UX&UI and manage design systems. Love ♥️ fintech and keep an eye on crypto DeFi & E-commerce.

Beyond work I eat lots of food, listen to good music, and pet every cat I can find

Selected works ↓

Simplifying the file structure in Figma

2019 – 2022

My article about moving from Sketch to Figma and finding a clear way to organize design files

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Designing Yandex.Checkout

2019 – 2021

My Experience at fintech service for accepting online and offline payments. Stripe-ish. With MAU 10k merchants

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Making merchant onboarding easy and worry-free

2019 – 2020

How and why we improved authentication, docs signing & tech integration process

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Designing at Alibaba Group

2021 – Present

My User Experience at AliExpress Business product from concepts to launch — in partnership with product managers, engineers, UX researchers and content strategists

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Recent jobs ↓

Alibaba group, AliExpress

2021 – Present

Popular online retail service, the most visited e-commerce website in Russia

Amazon-ish, 10m daily active buyers. 100k sellers

• Creating UX of AliExpress Business product from conception to launch as the only designer;

• Leading on strategic decisions around the future direction of AliExpress Business product;

• Collaborate with product managers, engineers, UX researchers and content strategists;

• Guiding and mentoring other designers to promote design excellence in craft and process;

• Restructuring core design system & improving handoff to developers;

• Art directing the process and visual style of landing pages for AliExpress Business.

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ex. Yandex.Checkout

2019 – 2021

A fintech service for accepting online and offline payments with the fast onboarding process and modern API. Yandex.Checkout has been the most popular payment application in Russia since 2015

Stripe-ish, MAU 10k merchants

• Designing core payment applications and services;

• Leading the design of Yandex.Checkout Mobile App;

• Setting up B2B Design system;

• Designing open-source ready-made mobile payments SDK;

• Onboarding and mentoring designers.

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Side projects ↓

My blog

2019 – Present

Notes about UX, frontend and product to motivate community. News and insights from the fintech and e-commerce worlds

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Figma App iOS


Fun project based on Recreate - A video series about recreating popular UI with SwiftUI Primitive - Learn SwiftUI for designers

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All the time

My website. Public part has been created in VS Code

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