Yoomoney for business, mobile app

2019 – 2021

Yoomoney for business is a payment management center for merchants. It's an easy way to manage payments, issue invoices, make refunds, monitor payment and invoice analytics.

Yoomoney ↗ ex.Yandex.Checkout – A fintech service for accepting online and offline payments. Stripe-ish. With MAU 10k merchants. Yandex.Checkout has been the most popular payment application ↗ in Russia since 2015.



Over two years period at Yandex ↗, I designing Yoomoney for business app. Product manager and I made key decisions in the app. Usually I worked on the app by myself. But sometimes I asked for help and I lead 1-2 designers.


Initially, there was only a web version of the personal account of YooKassa users without adaptive version. Many requests were received from merchants for the mobile version. Adding an adaptive version of the website to make it convenient was technically difficult, so it was decided to make a mobile application on iOS and Android and tablet version for iPad.

During interviews with users, the main features for the application were identified:

  • analytics for payments and invoices

  • full control over payments and with filtering

  • refunds and fast invoicing

  • direct support



In the first version of the application, the main section was a list of payments, and analytics was on the second tab. After launching and collecting the first reviews, it became clear that users more often go for analytics than for a list of payments, so in the next version analytics became the main.

The analytics included nine parameters: revenue, average check, amount and number of refunds, number of payments, paid bills and average bill receipt, invoices issued and unpaid bills.


Analytics for payments and invoices


List of payments with details was basic information for merchants. They received full control over payments: confirm or cancel them and browse payment history with search and details for each transaction.


Payment list and payment filter

It was possible to view the detailed history of the payment: when it was paid, whether the receipt was received, whether there was a refund, and so on. View and send a receipt functional was in great demand by merchants.


Payment details

Invoicing and refunds

Fast invoicing via email, a text message, or a link was developed. The buyer would receive a payment link directly and would be able to pay immediately. After paying the bill, the merchant received a push notification.

Merchant can do full or partial refunds for an unpaid invoices or set a date after which it cannot be paid.


Invoicing and refunds

Main page and support chat

There were a lot of requests from merchants for merging all key features on main page and provide direct support in the app.


Main page and support chat


  • quick and convenient access to the merchant's personal account with main feautures on mobile and tablet devices

  • app rating in the App Store ↗ is 4.7

  • more than 100,000 downloads for all time

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